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Bushwacker Fender Flares - Cut-Out
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Bushwacker Fender Flares - Cut-Out


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Auto & Vehicles Auto Accessories Fender Flares & Trim Pocket-Style Fender Flares

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Pocket-Style Fender Flares by Bushwacker. Bushwacker Fender Flares - Cut-Out Features - Bushwacker Cut-Out Fender Flares are custom-designed for your specific truck or SUV. Made from Bushwacker's exclusive non-cracking, non-warping, 100% UV-resistant Dura-Flex 2000 thermoplastic. Bushwacker Cut-Out Fender Flares are OEM matte black and readily accept custom paint. Innstalls using set-screws or factory bolt locations -some drilling or cutting may be necessary depending on your specific vehicle. Adds additional tire clearance for massive off-road tires. Bushwacker Cut Out Fender Flares. For the top selection of Bushwacker Fender Flares & Trim shop online today. The Bushwacker Cut Out Fender Flares will improve and personalize your vehicle. Pocket-Style Fender Flares by Bushwacker - selected by many auto enthusiasts in the top automotive discussion forums. Bushwacker Fender Flares - Cut-Out for your vehicle will deliver the results you are looking for! Bushwacker Fender Flares - Cut-Out - Fender Flares & Trim - Pocket-Style Fender Flares.
Price: 653.00 $