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Bassani Xhaust

2004 Ford Mustang Bassani Headers
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2004 Ford Mustang Bassani Headers

Bassani Xhaust

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SKU 2655-6-60-2004

Condition: New

2004 Ford Mustang Bassani Xhaust Exhaust Headers & Manifolds. Bassani Headers Features - Bassani Optimum-Length Headers are custom mandrel-bent for your specific year, make and model vehicle. Made entirely in-house from 14-gauge carbon steel tubing for durability. Bassani Headers boast their exclusive "extractor collector" that induces better scavenging for optimum performance. Ball and socket exit connectors for a gasket-free connection to your Y-pipe or X-pipe crossover section. Bassani Headers include all nuts, bolts, gaskets, hardware and detailed instructions for a perfect fit. Bassani Exhaust Headers. For the top selection of Ford Mustang 2004 Bassani Xhaust Exhaust, Mufflers & Tips shop online today. The Bassani Exhaust Headers will improve and personalize your vehicle. Ford Exhaust Headers & Manifolds by Bassani Xhaust - selected by many auto enthusiasts in the top automotive discussion forums. Bassani Headers for your 04 Ford Mustang will deliver the results you are looking for! Bassani Headers - 2004 Ford Mustang - Exhaust, Mufflers & Tips - Exhaust Headers & Manifolds.
Price: 739.14 $