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Biegert & Funk

QLOCKTWO W Watch by Biegert & Funk
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QLOCKTWO W Watch by Biegert & Funk

Biegert & Funk

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Lumen Light + Living
Condition: New

Instead of the classic radial face and rotating arms, the Biegert & Funk QLOCKTWO W Watch features a grid of 110 letters across the front of a square stainless steel case. Press the button on the side, and words light up to tell you the right time. Available in a variety of colors and languages. The German product design studio of Biegert & Funk designs, makes and markets each of their award-winning, sleek and unique products. The passion they devote to each project comes easily, as the products they create and manufacture are ones they've always wanted to have themselves.
Price: 805.00 $