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Mei Mini Pendant by Bover
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Mei Mini Pendant by Bover


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Ceiling Lights , Pendants , Mini Pendants , Line Voltage Mini Pendants

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Lumen Light + Living
Condition: New

A blend of contemporary and classic elements makes the Bover Mei Mini Pendant a marvelous option for transitional spaces. Flared in form, its distinct shape provides a modern edge while the hand-wrapped polyester pleats add a more traditional touch. Place a single light over a breakfast nook, or group together over the dining table or kitchen counter. The Bover collection, made in Barcelona, is inspired by the light playing within the sky and sea. Balancing quality and form resulting in a non-temporal style capable of adapting comfortably to future times. Bover's products range from ceiling lights, pendants, and wall sconces to floor and table lamps.
Price: 695.00 $