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AMK TBD-60 60 in. W Trailblazer Deluxe Magnet
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AMK TBD-60 60 in. W Trailblazer Deluxe Magnet


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Condition: new

Unit features all new Lever action release system for easy unloading of magnetic material. The Trailblazer is constructed with a combination of heavy gauge steel and attractive aluminum tubing. It is a unique magnetic sweeper that can be used almost anywhere. Use it over concrete asphalt grass or gravel. Attaches to almost any vehicle in under a minute or push it around job site. Both models will grab an enormous amount of nails wire tin and other tire damaging steel.Tow Behind; Hang from vehicle; Mount for forklift; Push it.Large 8 wheels for smooth operation.Spring assisted lever release system.Mounts to almost any vehicle (Chains not included)Blue anodized aluminum tube and Powder Coated Burgundy steel.Magnet Width: 60.Overall Width: 67.Surface Area: 240 sq.Lifting Power: 300 lbs.
Price: 772.11 $